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Ivan Chai



Since ancient times, our ancestors have mastered the method of manufacturing a healing, lovely flavored drink from the Willow-herb Rose Bay named “Ivan Chai” or just, Russian tea.
Russian tea is made from the leaves of fireweed, better known as the Willow-herb (Epilobium angustifolium). With its rich composition of minerals and vitamins, Willow-herb makes a healthy, caffeine-free tea that does not contain harmful uric acid or oxalate found in Indian black or green teas. Willow-herb tea is also a mild sedative. In the 12th century, Ivan Chai was drunk everywhere in Russia. It was the traditional Russian drink for hundreds of years before it was nearly universally replaced by cheaper Indian and Chinese black and green teas.



“It has everything that a person needs to live a long time and without being sick, just a gift of God.” This was the verdict rendered after Russian academics had studied the composition and properties of the Willow-herb. We know Indian, Ceylon, English and Chinese tea… but what do we know about Russian tea? Do we know that Russian tea was more famous than Persian rugs and Chinese silk? It was the most important component of Russian exports and was sent to all countries in the world. The whole world drunk Russian tea! England, despite having possession of huge tea plantations in India, bought tens of thousands of pounds of Ivan-tea every year! (Pood- Russian weight measure – 16, 38 kg)
Ivan Chai



The popularity of our tea grew. By the late 19th century it had become so great that it began to undermine the financial power of the East India Tea Corporation, which traded in black tea. To get rid of its powerful competitor, the owners started a scandal and rumors spread that Russian tea was mixed with white clay, which is harmful to health. After the 1917 revolution in Russia, the mass production of Ivan Chai has stopped completely and was replaced by cheaper Indian tea. Since then Russian tea has been gradually forgotten. Today, the Ivan Chai has regained some of its popularity and has attracted the attention of many producers.



There are about 30 farms operating in Russia at present, but we work only with those that are located in Siberia, because the further north Ivan Chai is grown, the more beneficial and rich in vitamins. That is why Siberia is the best place in the world to grow Ivan tea. One of our favorite farms is a little place in Siberia. The leaves are handpicked from the Willow-herb bush and then laid out to dry, cooked, rolled, and then packed in dirt and aged like wine. The tea is only available in small batches, and we try to buy these up as soon as we can because our customers really love this tea. We’re so proud to be a part of the chain that supports farmers like these.
Ivan Tea


Not to distributors. Not to resellers. But to tea drinkers.


We work directly with farmers and estates to bring you the freshest and healthiest collection of teas, with no pesticides and modern-day pollutants.



We’re packing up freshness. We’re small and nimble, and we have no middlemen. We deliver the healthiest teas from the heart of Siberia to the world every day.



Over 1 million cups. To 19 countries. We make sure every 50 grams of tea we send out are fresher and tastier than anything you’ve ever had to date.