What countries do you ship to?

We currently ship to about 60 countries around the world. Chaivan works with multiple delivery partners to deliver teas the world over.

How long does it take for Chaivan ship out the products?

Most orders are processed for shipping the next business day. You will receive an e-mail confirmation with a tracking number once your order has shipped.

What if I want to change my address?

You can change the address of your order by sending us an email at and we’ll do it right away.

Why are your teas so expensive?

Our teas are not cheap, but they are an incredible value.

CHAIVAN teas are grown using organic and sustainable farming practices, picked and processed by hand and packed in small batches for maximum freshness flavor and health.

Just a couple tablespoons of leaves will yield 10-15 infusions with the incredibly complex and robust flavors and aromas. In fact, our teas are literally a few cents per cup. For the experience, feeling, taste and health benefits we believe that our teas are an excellent price.

ht away.

What are my payment options?

PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover

How are the teas packed?

We’re obsessed about preserving the freshness of our teas, once they come over from the plantations. Our teas are stored in a odorless, cool, dehumidified environment.

Our 2 oz (and above) packs are vacuum sealed ensuring that they are insulated from any kind of contamination while they are in transit.

Do you use any artificial flavoring or synthetic substances in your teas?

No. At CHAIVAN, we’re committed to selling 100% natural teas , fresh from source. We do not use any kind of additives or synthetic flavors in our teas.

How do I cancel my order?

To cancel your order, please send us an email to with your order details and we’ll cancel it promptly. Please note that we do not accept cancellations once the teas have been dispatched from our fulfillment center.

How do you refund my money?

There are two modes of refund.
1. Store credit: You can either choose to add this money to your store credit, which you can use at a future date. This happens within 12 hours from cancellation.

2. Back to source: In this case, the money will be debited back to your account. This typically takes about 5-7 working days.
Once you’ve canceled your order, Chaivan will process the refund based on your choice mode of refund.

I'm not too happy with the tea (or have received the wrong shipment). What do I do now?

Ensuring that our customers get only the highest quality teas is top priority for us at CHAIVAN! However, if you think we’ve messed up somewhere- with the quality or with quantity or contents of your order, all you need to do is reach out to our customer support by filling up the form on this page or email us at We’ll be glad to help you out with the best possible solution, including refunding your money back.